Bullying and Harassment

by Andrew Wood

Bullying and Harassment

This topic will provide you with advice and guidance on the subject of bullying and harassment. It looks at the issue from the viewpoints of the organisation, the complainant and the harasser and sets out to clearly identify the best way to defend against bullying and harassment as well as describing the consequences of not doing so.

The importance of this topic? The following statistics should give you an idea:

  • It has been estimated that workplace bullying affects up to 50 per cent of the UK workforce at some time in their working lives
  • According to one estimate, workplace bullying and harassment costs employers 80 million lost working days and up to £2 billion in lost revenue each year
  • It is also suggested that it accounts for around 50 per cent of stress-related workplace illnesses
  • One in four people allege they are currently experiencing bullying.

Your organisation may have its own policies that relate to this topic. You should always check these policies before taking any action that could carry personal or organisational liabilities, and seek qualified advice if there is an apparent conflict between your organisation’s policies and the content of this topic.

This is the UK version of Alchemy Performance Assistant and the references to laws and statutes relate to the United Kingdom.


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