Ian Moore

About the author

Ian Moore has been involved with decision making, well, all his life!

In his management roles logical decision making was essential. Later on in his consultancy roles he always believed that his role was to improve his clients’ decision making. He has approached decision making from many different angles. Having used logical decision making techniques for many years he became fascinated in how we limit our thinking. Running keynote presentations and workshops, and writing books on idea generation, innovation and spotting opportunities were all ways of broadening the ideas upon which people make their decisions. More recently he has become fascinated with how the mechanisms that have evolved in our brains actually make bad decisions more likely. His main current focus is on how, by understanding the way that our brains limit our decision making ability, we can develop techniques to improve it.

His formal qualifications include a BSc (Hons) in mathematics and physics, an MSc in information technology and an MSc in cognitive neuroscience.

More importantly his informal qualifications include being a father, and a creative entrepreneur, believing that anything is possible and having a fascination about how our brains work.


Ian has published a number of books: Engineering the impossible – a starter kit, Spotting business opportunities and Unpossible thinking, and is currently working on a book about how our brains have evolved to make poor business decisions.


Areas of expertise

  • Keynote presentations
  • Workshops