by Judy Carole

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Listening Skills

  • Very important when having a conversation about a sensitive topic
  • Has helpful information that can be used on a daily basis
  • Increases the ability to empathise

Psychological Health at Work

  • Important if you become increasingly concerned about the person who suffered the bereavement
  • Will give an idea of what is ‘normal’ and what is a matter of concern

Trust in the Workplace

  • Any emotional upheaval in the workplace will bring trust to the forefront.
  • The employee will be very vulnerable and trust will be a crucial element to their being able to rehabilitate to the work environment.


On death and dying

Elizabeth Kübler-Ross, published Simon & Schuster Inc, 1997, 288 pages

This is the book that started it all – it may be 35 years old but it is still very relevant and the writer is still a leader in her field.

Death, dying and bereavement

Donna L Dickenson (editor), Malcolm Johnson (editor) and Jeanne Samson Katz (editor), published by The Open University in association with Sage Publications, 2000, 400 pages

A compilation of information, research and stories, this contains a very wide variety of writings, both academic and personal. An excellent place to start, it has information on most issues around this subject and includes references to other sources if you want to know more.

End of life: the essential guide to caring

Judy Carole Kauffmann and Mary Jordan, published by Hammersmith Press Ltd, March 2010, 232 pages

As more and more people realise that the care and arrangements for their own end of life are in their own hands, and new government initiatives in respect of carers and caring and of dementia care are bringing the subject to the fore, this book provides information across a range of concerns surrounding end of life, and is an essential guide for carers, be they professional or friends and relations.

This book was co-authored by the author of this topic. It was highly commended by the British Medical Association and awarded the runner-up prize for the Public Understanding of Science Award in 2011. There is a relevant chapter on grief.

The essential guide to bereavement – beyond tomorrow

Judy Carole, to be published by Jessica Kingsley, June 2013



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