Coaching Yourself

by Melanie Greene


Coaching yourself is important in today’s workplace if you want to:

  • Enhance your performance and meet business objectives
  • Increase your job satisfaction and/or
  • Progress your career

The world of work is constantly changing in terms of technology, organisational structures and the markets that businesses operate in. Therefore, being able to coach yourself, learn from everyday experiences and develop your knowledge, skills and competence on an ongoing basis puts you in pole position in terms of staying ahead of your peers or competitors.

This topic covers:

  • Common questions people have regarding self coaching
  • How to use self coaching to realise your goals and dreams
  • The process of coaching yourself – what it involves and the different techniques you can use
  • When you can use self coaching to enhance your learning and development
  • How to go about coaching yourself in order to learn from day-to-day situations by effective debriefing
  • How to master your inner critic in order to effectively coach yourself.