Action Learning

by Steve Roche

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The Action Learning Set is a specialised form of meeting. Most of the points about setting up and managing successful meetings are relevant to this topic.


Effective facilitation skills are integral to the success of Action Learning.

Listening Skills

Questioning Skills

These are two of the primary skill sets that are needed for, and developed by, participation in an Action Learning Set.


Maintaining, or recovering, rapport with the Set is crucial to its success.


Effective feedback is one of the main tools used by members in a set

Political Intelligence

Handling organisational politics is a common problem brought to Action Learning Sets, so some understanding of how organisational politics works is a real advantage.


Time to Think

Nancy Kline, published by Ward Lock in 1999, 288 pages

This book presents effective listening as an essential management tool: very relevant to Action Learning.

Action Learning for Managers

Mike Pedler, published by Lernos & Crane in 1996, 112 pages

This is a concise and straightforward guide that includes useful checklists, questionnaires and case studies.

ABC of Action Learning

Reg Revans, published by Lemos & Crane in 1998, 171 pages

This is the ‘authorised version’ of Action Learning, from the originator of the method.


You can also contact the author directly: Steve Roche