360 Degree Assessment

by Julia Miller

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Competency Frameworks

360 degree feedback is often based around competency frameworks and this topic is covered fully.

There are other topics that look at people assessment and measurement, in particular:


Psychometric Testing

There are topics which can tell you more about how to give feedback as part of the 360 process and how to coach or mentor colleagues who are taking part in a 360:




360 is often used within a change management process, and topics on change at work include Change.


360-Degree Feedback

Peter Ward, published by Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (UK) in 1997, 268 pages

This is a valuable book covering all aspects of 360-degree feedback. It is designed in four parts, ranging from answering basic questions about the topic through design and implementation to discussion on how the technique will be used in the future. A particularly useful section is that of case studies at the back.


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