by Nikki Owen

Transcendental powers

From a metaphorical perspective, there is another layer of understanding that connects the charismatic person to the universal powers of nature. Many ancient philosophies refer to a set of five elements that generally encompass earth, water, air, fire and a fifth, non-matter, element – spirit. The characteristics and qualities of each of these elements provide further symbolism to underpin the five elements of charisma.

The earth is a symbol for being connected to nature. The element self esteem gives an individual a sense of feeling grounded. Like a tree with strong roots that can survive a fierce wind, a person who has a strong base of self esteem feels more balanced and better equipped to deal with the challenges of life.

Fire is a powerful way to express someone who is dynamic: ‘They’re really fired up’ or ‘He’s got fire in the belly’. Consequently, the attribute we refer to as driving force is like a flame that needs to burn brightly until it becomes a hot fire.

Water can ebb and flow: sometimes the currents are strong; sometimes a river runs deep. In the same way, the range of emotions people experience through the course of their lives, guides their behaviour. Having a sensory awareness of emotional undercurrents means we begin to understand and connect with the emotional part of ourselves.

Air surrounds this planet and makes its life possible and, as we look upwards towards the sky, we are reminded of our vision, a direction that we choose to travel towards. Air can breathe life into our dreams, oxygenating our goals with crystal clear clarity. Air surrounds us and represents the infinite potential we all possess to achieve more of what we want in our lives.

The tip of the pentagon is the highest point, often referred to as the spirit. The amalgamation of the other four elements of charisma creates an abundance of high energy that can’t be seen yet you know and sense it is there. The higher the spirit, that the bigger the circle of energy that can be cascaded across the other elements.

Ralph Waldo Emerson explained that matter and objective things are products of the subjective mind. Lynne McTaggart, a well-respected international authority on the science of spirituality is masterminding ‘The Intention Experiment’, which rests on an outlandish premise: thought affects physical reality. More recently, many of us will have been introduced to the Law of Attraction, popularised within Rhonda Byrne’s book, The Secret. You may be open to these concepts or you may find them uncomfortable, but if you take them on board and use them to enhance your own reality and existence, you may find that they can give your life more excitement and meaning and your personality more charisma...