Coaching Yourself

by Melanie Greene

The time element

Do you think you are too busy to coach yourself?

In the long run, coaching yourself can actually save you time as you will become more effective and efficient as you enhance your performance.

It can also maximise your return on money invested in any training courses, workshops or qualifications that you undertake. Coaching yourself will show you how to apply more of what you learn, further develop yourself and gain greater benefits from any formal development you undertake.

As with any skill, it takes time for you to master it and for it to become second nature. Once this happens, you will find it easy to coach yourself on a regular basis.

How often do I need to coach myself?

For some people, self coaching will be a regular daily, weekly or monthly activity, where it has become part of how they work. For others, it will be an ad hoc process, to be used when problems occur or mistakes happen, or when they face particular challenges.

The more regularly you can practise it, the more you will gain from the process and the easier it will become.

The best thing is to set aside ‘ponder time’ for reflection, review and planning ahead. In other words, if self coaching is going to be a regular occurrence, you need to set aside time in your diary for it.

What is going to be the best time for you – a time when it will not get cancelled in favour of other activities? Will it be at the beginning or end of the day, week or month? During a coffee or lunch break? In the office, at home or in a café? How long will you need – 10, 20 or 30 minutes or an hour?

As your own coach, you need to analyse what you want from the process, how often and for how long you need to do it, and then you need, above all, to stick to it!