Topics: Personal Energy

Stuart Harris

About the author

Stuart Harris is a multi-lingual British writer, international consultant, coach and trainer.  He has a background in marketing communication and consumer behaviour. He is particularly interested in how people and organisations organise their energy.

Stuart has worked extensively around the world for major blue chip companies, often using his impressive fluency in six languages. The work included qualitative consumer research projects in widely varying cultures which led him to develop a new ‘commercial anthropology’ approach to consumer behaviour.

After several posts at senior level in the marketing and advertising arena he moved to Amsterdam to set up the European office of the Brand Futures Group at Young & Rubicam. In the last five years he has been working as an independent consultant with clients in Belgium, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, the USA and the UK.

Stuart now specialises in creating, communicating and analysing meaning. This mostly involves work as a communications strategist with advertising agencies. He has extended this into the personal field with work as an individual and corporate team coach.

Because of his extensive experience worldwide, he is sought after as a speaker on visioneering and thought-leadership at conferences and management seminars.

He has an abiding interest in psychology, especially at the cross-cultural and multicultural level. This, coupled with an interest in the idea of energy as a currency has led him into many new areas of study including the psychological models of Carl Rogers, Bio-energic Analysis and Transactional Analysis. 

Stuart has many varied qualifications which include Certified Trainer of NLP and Certified NLP Personal Coach

Some recent clients

  • American Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Campari
  • Chanel
  • Coca-Cola
  • Courvoisier
  • Crooks Healthcare
  • GM
  • Guinness Brewing Worldwide
  • IDV
  • Nissan
  • SEAT
  • Unilever
  • United Distillers
  • Hakuhodo agency
  • Canon Europe
  • Toyota


Areas of expertise

  • Marketing
  • Consumer Research
  • Communications Strategy
  • Visioneering
  • Organisational Energy
  • Transactional Analysis