Client Account Management

by Rus Slater


Picture the scene:

...You have just celebrated the fact that your company got the contract to be a main supplier to MegaGlobal and you have been told that you are now the ‘Account Manager’ for the company’s business with them...

  • No one has actually explained what an account manager does
  • If you are lucky, the Sales manager who negotiated with them through the sale will drop you off a copy of the contract...


...You have realised that that little bit of work you started doing for the Wocketshire County Council four years ago has snowballed and they are now responsible for 15 per cent of your company’s turnover, so losing them as a client would be a pretty serious issue for the future plans of your organisation and would have a disastrous effect on your career...


...You have just been promoted/joined the XYZ Company and your boss sits you down on your first day and says ‘I would like you to take responsibility for the following accounts with clients; they are all solid customers who’ve been with us for years. They will provide your bread and butter over the coming months. Keep them happy and you can’t go far wrong.’

All right, it is more likely that you will be expected to break open lots of new ground as well, but we are concentrating here on maximising the existing accounts!

What next?