by Phil Manington

How good are you at delegation?

This self-assessment is not meant to produce a formal measurement of where you sit on the delegation scale. However, asking yourself the questions will, hopefully, be thought-provoking and will help you to establish areas where you want to develop.

  • How much do you help others to reach their full potential?
  • How much do you encourage contributions from everyone in the team?
  • Do you trust people to work without close supervision?
  • How good are you at establishing rapport with people?
  • How often do you ask people for their ideas and then use them?
  • Do you set a good example and model the behaviour you want to see in your team?
  • Have you gained full support and commitment among your team to your vision?
  • Do you create opportunities for your people to contribute, succeed and gain recognition?
  • How good are you at matching the right people to the right tasks?
  • Do you know what your people value and relate what you are asking to those values?
  • Do you explain why you want something and show how it fits into the bigger picture?
  • Do you get people excited about what you want them to do and show them how important it is to them or the organisation?
  • Do you tell people clearly and unambiguously what you want?
  • How good are you at setting SMART objectives?
  • How good are your questioning and listening skills?
  • How good are you at asking questions that reveal complexities or potential problems?
  • How good at coaching are you?
  • Do you give advice (without saying exactly what to do)?
  • Do you engage your team in problem solving and encourage them to bring you solutions?
  • Do you seek to draw knowledge out of people, rather than always putting it in?
  • Do you encourage learning and treat mistakes as learning opportunities, rather than looking to assign blame?
  • How good are you at giving constructive feedback?
  • How often do you praise people, particularly in public?
  • Do you always give people the credit for what they have achieved?
  • How consistent are you in applying these behaviours in all dealings with all members of your team?
  • What do your team members think of you? Have you asked them?