Helen Whitten

About the author

Helen Whitten is a writer, published author and prize-winning poet.  She founded her coaching and training business, Positiveworks, in 1993.  This business is now a part of Sixth Sense Consulting.  Helen has retired to focus on her writing.

Helen has a blog site called Helen Whitten Thinking Aloud, www.helenwhitten.com, on which she writes articles commenting on business, social and political affairs.  Her degree in history and her experience of working for a historian, alongside her training as a cognitive-behavioural coach drive her to seek to balance perspectives on current affairs.

She has had five books published on themes that relate to personal and professional development, as listed below.

She has recently had her first collection of poetry, The Alchemist's Box, published by Morgan's Eye Press.  She has a poetry website www.babyboomerpoetry.com and a Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMrbiJoaAqrKyO0k2QRbjog/

Helen is a lively speaker.  She gives poetry recitals and also talks on topics that relate to aspects of human experience and behaviour.



Helen has written five books and a collection of poetry: 

  • Your Mind at Work, Developing Self Knowledge for Business Success. Published by Kogan Page in 2000

  • Future Directions, Practical Ways to Develop Emotional Intelligence and Confidence in Young People. Published by Network Continuum

  • Age Matters, Employing Managing and Motivating the Older Workforce which addresses the issues of the ageing workforce. Published by Gower

  • Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Techniques for Dummies takes the highly effective techniques and principles of CBT off the therapists couch and in to the work place and the home. Published by Wiley

  • Emotional Healing for Dummies, written with Dr David Beales, is an easy-to-follow, plain-English guide that shows you why and how emotions can leave a physical scar, and talks about various life factors and influences that can lead to emotional stress. It will help you heal your emotional traumas with a toolkit of stratgeies, and allows you to take care of your health with a practical, hands-on approach. Published by Wiley

    She has written and produced two CDs on this subject – How to Survive Life Positively and Help Yourself to a Better Life.  She has also developed interactive software, Launching Yourself, with colleague Diane Carrington, designed to build confidence and balance in young people entering the workplace.

  • Helen's first collection of poetry, The Alchemist's Box, was published in 2015 by Morgan's Eye Press.

    Comments on this book include:
    It's been really exciting seeing Helen develop as a poet. She has a genuine poet's voice and, without any political agenda, writes from her experience and what her eye sees, so she's always focused on the image and the story. Chris Sparkes, poet
    Helen Whitten observes the world with a scalpel gaze: her lines lift the skin of reality to reveal visceral truths. Searing yet urbane, this collection travels the world and shines its intelligent beam into unspoken motivations and hidden sorrow. Behind these poems is an unflinching calling to slide appearance and consequence into joint focus, and to tell us that what we see (or miss) is never the whole story. These are wise words.
    Isabel Rogers, winner of the 2014 Cardiff International Poetry Competition, shortlisted for the Charles Causley poetry prize
    These contemporary, socially engaged poems embrace the trials and tribulations of everyday life. In them we meet the migrant, the protester, the grandmother on a school run, and experience what it's like to walk in their shoes. Helen Whitten's lively first collection is a colourful and compassionate road trip into the lives of others. Maggie Sawkins, winner of the Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry 2014
    An immensely readable collection. These poems celebrate Helen Whitten's fascination with our language, her ear for its rhythms and her eye for the subtle gestures, props and postures that make us who we are. Judith Heneghan, Director, Winchester Writers' Festival


Areas of expertise

  • Author, writer, poet
  • Commentator
  • Cognitive-Behavioural Coach