Body Language

by Mary-Louise Angoujard

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Body language is powerful, and it is also only part of the picture! Other great topics on different aspects of management communication and behaviour to explore are:

Voice Skills




La synergologie: comprendre son interlocuteur à travers sa gestuelle

Philippe Turchet, published by Les éditions de l’homme, 2004, 303 pages

For French-speakers, since there is currently no English version of this book. Written by Philippe Turchet, the founder and developer of this method for interpreting unconscious nonverbal behaviour, it describes the principles and science behind Synergologie (English: synergology).

Unmasking the face

Paul Ekman and Wallace V Friesen, published by Malor Books, 2003, 212 pages

This is a guide to recognising emotions from facial expressions and it is both fascinating and useful. The photographs are not of the best quality, but the background and research into facial expressions are excellent.

Unlimited power

Anthony Robbins, published by Pocket Books, 2001, 448 pages

This book is not about body language per se; it refers to the power of one’s mental attitude and explains mastering one’s thought processes, self-talk and focus to foster confidence and achievement. Inspirational and thought-provoking and, if one applies the thinking, very effective!

Peoplewatching: the Desmond Morris guide to body language

Desmond Morris, published by Vintage, 2002, 400 pages

Shows how people, consciously and unconsciously, signal their attitudes, desires and innermost feelings with their bodies and actions – often more powerfully than with their words.

Reading people: how to understand people and predict their behaviour anytime, anyplace

Jo-Ellan Dimitrius and Mark Mazzarella, published by Vermilion, 1999, 296 pages

This book is likely to appeal to those who enjoy courtroom dramas, since the authors are jury selection experts. It addresses every aspect of how to read people for jury selection.

The definitive book of body language

Allan Pease and Barbara Pease, published by Orion, 2005, 400 pages

This book takes principles discovered through scientific research into body language and applies them to everyday situations. The visual images are old-fashioned (the book was first written in the 1970s) but it’s one of the classics for people interested in body language.

NLP at work: the difference that makes a difference in business

Sue Knight, published by Nicholas Brealey Publishing Ltd, 2002

This excellent resource focuses on how to improve your performance at work, chiefly through aligning behaviour with your inner values.


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